The World of Technology

From being a kid fresh out of high school until now technology has drastically changed so much. Some things for the best an others not so much. My life now revolves around social medias like Facebook an Instagram which I now call part of my daily life in communication. My life through text an pictures are just at the palm of my hand . It amazes me how just years back, I had a cellphone simply just to makes calls. Now you have the privilege to go beyond an over with applications of your choice. We can talk to people on web cameras with just a simple push of a button from anywhere across the world. GPS has become the new assistance in how I get around places I’ve never been before without having the struggle to get myself  lost and stranded.

Even though I think distraction has become a huge factor in my recent years with a smart phone, I would never go back to the old ways of doing things. I’ve learned to appreciate the greater things in life. My greatest feeling would have to be the appreciation with technology in the medicine field without it some patients wouldn’t be here today. Technology is just an amazing thing in life without it my world wouldn’t feel complete. Communication has just become
a big part of my life, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Instagram that keeps me In touch with loved ones. From the present to the future we can only hope for the better things to come along in the digital age world. An Just to know that its all only a “click” away.


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